I recently completed a dissolution of my marriage, with Kevin acting as the sole attorney in the action. Kevin was readily available to answer any questions, provided sound advice from a reasonable perspective, and helped to navigate a very difficult situation in a timely manner. What seemed to be a daunting process was made simple and navigable. Billing matters were clearly communicated and the fees were appropriate for the work performed. While I don't hope any friends or family are in a situation similar to mine in the future, I would enthusiastically recommend him to represent their interests.


In June 2018, I interviewed four different lawyers for some marital issues. I decided to hire Mr. Starrett because he explained to me very clearly the pros and cons of my case without hesitation. He was honest and to the point. Before I met the lawyers in June, I did some personal research, but Mr. Starrett was the one who cleared up the situation for me. Throughout the process, circumstances changed and I needed to change my plan of action, and Mr. Starrett continued to give excellent advice. At this point, besides being a lawyer, he seemed like a friend. He showed technical expertise and human connection. I would highly recommend Kevin and I was highly satisfied with my experience.


Kevin Starrett is an attorney that served me very well. He definitely
knows his business and doesn't steamroll his plan over you. Kevin takes his time explaining the law and making sure that you understand all of your options. He is a very compassionate man and definitely cares about the clients best interest.


I definitely back up my words in this review when I say that Kevin Starrett is an amazing attorney. I had a pretty tough case involving my ex wife and her cohabitating, I thought I had no chance of winning, but Kevin had a very solid plan, he knew the laws and he knew how to win. I was amazed at how Kevin handled my case and the fact that justice had finally been served in my favor. I recommend Kevin to everyone who needs a great family attorney, and he has helped a few of my friends I have sent his way live a much better life today. If your looking for an amazing attorney, this is your man.


I found Kevin to be very easy to talk to and very understanding. He kept me well informed and found answers to solve issues I was having. Without Kevin my son would have slowly vanished from my life surely and instead of being several states away I see my son several days I week. Kevin will put himself in your shoes and understand your issues to help fix any problem. He did a wonderful job and I really appreciate all his outstanding effort. Hiring him is definitely worth it!


I met Kevin 2 years ago when my ex spouse filed for divorce during a separation. I was battered emotionally after spending years with a narcissistic ex who began using our one year old son to get me to do what he wanted. Right away Kevin recognized the complexities of my situation and he gave me practical advice which empowered me to parent effectively and prepare for court at the same time. He always kept me informed of docket activity and I could easily reach him by phone or email. He was always on time for meetings and prepared for court. I was especially impressed with his attention and thoughtfulness when preparing my proposed shared parenting agreement. Details included drop off times, dates and particulars even on laundry! Unfortunately co parenting with a narcicist warrants such attention and I am grateful. My son now has a stable home base with me and sees his father 2 to 3 days a week and he seems to be very happy. This would not have been possible without Kevin's interventions. Kevin is caring, detailed and experienced in handling high conflict.


Creative, Dedicated and Selfless were not options above. Kevin is one of the best human beings we have every met. He might frustrate you with details like the truth. He might challenge you to be the best father you can be. But he will always have your back. Kevin is honest and fair. He wants the best for your children. And let's face it, divorce is a very selfish act. He is a great family man and does not sit in judgement of anyone. Kevin is smart. He is hard working. And he is creative. I can't share specifics of my situation other than to tell you he stuck by me through thick and thin - often at personal sacrifice. If you are going through a divorce or contemplating it, he is the guy you want in your corner. I hired Kevin in 2005 but he has been with me up until today.


Kevin helped me resolve a real estate dispute and I am so grateful to have had his assistance in the settlement process. He was thorough, responsive, and took on my goals as his own. Highly recommended!


Kevin is thorough and his years of experience are evident throughout his practice. Beyond his technical competence Kevin takes a personal stake in his clients' well being. From the time you meet him through the proceedings and beyond Kevin is an empathic partner who will look out for your best interests.


Mr. Starrett has been my Attorney for the past ten years and I couldn't be more grateful for his leadership and advice! I trust his advice when it comes to my family and his loyalty to me is stellar! I highly recommend Mr. Starrett. His knowledge and determination has always been in my best interest.


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